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Found Photography: The Lecturer Collection: Part II

I was able to do a little bit of research based on the street names via Google maps to find that a good portion of the photos were taken in Bamberg Germany.

Since I’ve moved flats I haven’t been able to locate my scanning tray for scanning slides; I’m eager to dig it out as I have a small bank of slides that I’ve been looking through with the help of a Hanimex Vistarama Colour Slide Viewer I picked up at the monthly dog track markets last weekend.

This post is a continuation of The Lecturer Collection, a series of found photographs that once belonged to a University of Sydney lecturer.

Found Photography: The Lecturer Collection: Part I

I’ve dubbed this set of negatives I’ve purchased ‘The Lecturer Collection’ as the only information I had on their origin in that they once belonged to a former University of Sydney lecturer.

The photos are primarily of Germany, with a few in the set marked as American. The sum total must be somewhere between 600-800 black and white negatives of various formats. The ones shown here are only 120 or 135 as these were the only two for which I had preset holders for scanning.

Most seem to center around one older couple and what is either their child or grandchild as they vacation through Germany while the rest are an odd assortment of blurred war photos, portraits, family snapshots, occasional scenery and the insides of churches.

I’ll have more up soon as time allows.

Found Photography: The Poole Photos

Awhile back I had found some negatives with the name Ms. Poole written on the back- I returned to the same shop over the past couple weekends and was able to dig out another four packets.

I wanted to do a little more research to see if I could identify some of these areas but I spent all my free time this weekend out at Sculptures by the Sea with the Rolleiflex. Its hard to find time to do the homework behind the shots as I never want to waste a minute of day light where I could be out working on my own portfolio.

Found Photography: Sea Breeze

Print I pulled out of a box

Did a quick Google search on Sea Breeze Hotel but came up with a ton of results, too many to sort through so that makes it photographer and location unknown

Back of the photo has it dated at January 1962

Found Photography: Woman in Rocks

Another stray negative I found while digging through a box of prints this past weekend- if you look closely there’s some graffiti written into the rock behind her, I tried to play around with the image to see if I could make it clearer and decipher but had no luck

Found Photography: 1950s Australian Suburbs

If you look closely at the photo above you can see its the same guy and girl from the previous set I found

All the shots above are off another roll I found at the same second hand shop as the wedding photos I scanned in last night- the stock this time was Kodak Tri X Pan Film.

The promiently shown car looks like a Ford Zephyr Mark II which would place the photos sometime after 1956.

I’m still lost as to the actual location of these or the previous roll although the license plate of the car does indicate New South Whales- it has the look of a new suburb at the time since the houses are all next to each other yet in the middle of nowhere. They’re an odd mix of country and suburban- heavy on the grape vine covered overhangs. As an American, it seems odd to me that with all that empty space surrounding them they would choose to build their houses literately a few yards or meters apart but maybe they were going for more of a town or village feel as everyone in the photos seems fairly close.

Found Photography: Asia in Black and White: Part II

I cut the remaining two frames out of the negative strip and placed in the thickest book I could fine (a yet to be read copy of “The Pale King”) for a day to see if I could manage to flatten out the bends with no real effect.


But, I was able to fit them into a scanning holder flat enough to get an alright scan- these shots are arnt as interesting in composition as the previous two but might offer a little in terms of insight into context.

It turns out that these are likely Hmong people– possibly from Lao, Yunnan or Vietnam. I’m hoping that by posting these last few frames some more clues will emerge that might confirm their location and if they were wartime photos of people on the move.

Special thanks to Dr. Neil Maclean, Linda Connor, Holly High and the rest of the Sydney University Department of Anthropology for their help in identifying the people, place and time.

Found Photography: Horseback Riding in Australia

These negatives were wrapped inside a small piece of folding paper stamped with “Milson’s Photo Service 5 Hunter Street Sydney”. There doesnt appear to be any date or indication of the film stock but I would guess they’re from the 1930’s or 40’s based on dress and style.

They also came with prints of the above photos and a small set of 2 x 2 squares featuring some Australian landscape shots but these all seemed fairly average. I thought about scanning them in but without the actual negative I dont think they would come out to much.

The paper they came in has the name of Miss Poole on the back along with the cost of the developing and printing which came to $4.

Found Photography: Asia in Black and White

I recently stumbled across a crumpled up roll of medium format film at a second hand shop in Sydney; after holding it up to the light it looked like some fairly old images from somewhere in Asia- my guess is China but really have no idea.

The film stock was Ilford FP4 Fine Grain so that would place the shots between the years of 1968-1990 according to my brief wikipedia search.



The negatives were a bit scratched and since they were folded many times over, these were the only two frames I could cut out of the strip that didnt have a bend through them. Most of the other frames dont appear to contain much of interest, mostly just shots of a twin prop plane flying through the air- there’s one more of the woman with child but its pretty beat, I’m going to see if I can get it clean up and scanned in over the coming weeks.

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