I spent the past couple days dragging the website out of 2009 and into the modern era- here’s a quick note on whats changed:

I’ve updated the WordPress theme on my blog to Hemingway Rewritten by Anders Noren– a recent take on the old Kyle Neath/warpspire version I had been using.

I chose it for its simplicity, and then made it even more minimalist through a series .css edits to reduce font size, tighten up some gaps, and change around a few colors. Likewise, I made edits to the .php files to reduce it to the centered one column design that I prefer.

I nearly went with Dmitry Semenov’s Touchfolio in an effort to replace the seriously dated indexhibit portfolio I had on my landing page, but in the end chose only to use his RoyalSlider plugin as it fit neatly into my existing WordPress install.

I’ll likely make some final tweaks over the coming weeks, but its nice to finally have the entire site manageable from a single dashboard- thanks to all the developers whose work I’m leveraging- enjoy!