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Odds and Ends: U.S. Trip

These are a few shots from my last trip back to the states earlier this year

I’m a little late in finally getting around to them as I’ve been hitting an inspirational lull when it comes to my normal modus operandi of black and white street- I’ve taken the down time to begin a re-work of my portfolio site, order up a set of cards (via moo cards) and branch out by experimenting further with the porta 160/mju II combo.

My need to do an artistic rethink coincided well with the arrival today of Stephen Shore’s The Nature of Photographs. I forgot I had ordered it through Phaidon about a year ago as it ended up locked in perpetual back order status until enough demand accumulated for another container of stock to land in Australia- I’ve made it about a third through and I’m liking the general format in which it presents snippets of Shore’s insights and accompanying images.

More mju II Color

Since acquiring the mju II a couple of months back, I’ve been exploring color a little more than normal with some accumulated portra stock from my fridge- I find its handling better than my GRD III for speed out of pocket. If I use my three middle fingers when reaching for it, I can be opening the clam shell casing and have it ready to fire by the time I can get the viewfinder to my eye.

When it comes to analog AF’s, I hit the jackpot this weekend when I found a Ricoh FF3 Super and a series one Olympus mju for $6 each in the second hand goods store for the Cat Protection Society of New South Wales. Normally I assume every Salvos and St. Vincent’s across the greater Sydney area has been cleaned out of classic camera gear by the type of old men that rule the Ultimo Camera Fair thrice a year but I guess no one thinks to wander into a place like the Cat Protection- I only ended up there while trying to find a half-gallon canning jar to mix up Philly Fish House Punch in for the coming summer- not an easy find out in Oz.

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