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Found Photography: Crown Street Cache: Part II

I haven’t had much time to do any homework into these shots- I tried to see if I could look up the Exchange Hotel from the first shot but the subsequent Google results were too much to sort.

For now, I’ll focus on getting some scanned and posted- research can wait till later.


Crown Street Cache: Part I

Found Photography: Crown Street Cache: Part I

I found a second hand shop was having a 30-50% off sale last weekend so I swooped in to see if I could get a deal on any old negatives they had- I ended up with a sizable bag of what I would guess is going on a few hundred spread across multiple packets.

Since the quantity is so large I’ve decided to break it down into a few separate posts, I’ve dubbed it the ‘Crown Street Cache’ since the actual store I found them at was on Crown Street in Darlinghurst.

These seem to be the most promising find yet- with the sheer amount of shots taken, there should be plenty of clues as to decade and location, I’ll see what I can manage this week for research.

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