If you look closely at the photo above you can see its the same guy and girl from the previous set I found

All the shots above are off another roll I found at the same second hand shop as the wedding photos I scanned in last night- the stock this time was Kodak Tri X Pan Film.

The promiently shown car looks like a Ford Zephyr Mark II which would place the photos sometime after 1956.

I’m still lost as to the actual location of these or the previous roll although the license plate of the car does indicate New South Whales- it has the look of a new suburb at the time since the houses are all next to each other yet in the middle of nowhere. They’re an odd mix of country and suburban- heavy on the grape vine covered overhangs. As an American, it seems odd to me that with all that empty space surrounding them they would choose to build their houses literately a few yards or meters apart but maybe they were going for more of a town or village feel as everyone in the photos seems fairly close.