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Found Photography: The Lecturer Collection: Part II

I was able to do a little bit of research based on the street names via Google maps to find that a good portion of the photos were taken in Bamberg Germany.

Since I’ve moved flats I haven’t been able to locate my scanning tray for scanning slides; I’m eager to dig it out as I have a small bank of slides that I’ve been looking through with the help of a Hanimex Vistarama Colour Slide Viewer I picked up at the monthly dog track markets last weekend.

This post is a continuation of The Lecturer Collection, a series of found photographs that once belonged to a University of Sydney lecturer.

Found Photography: The Lecturer Collection: Part I

I’ve dubbed this set of negatives I’ve purchased ‘The Lecturer Collection’ as the only information I had on their origin in that they once belonged to a former University of Sydney lecturer.

The photos are primarily of Germany, with a few in the set marked as American. The sum total must be somewhere between 600-800 black and white negatives of various formats. The ones shown here are only 120 or 135 as these were the only two for which I had preset holders for scanning.

Most seem to center around one older couple and what is either their child or grandchild as they vacation through Germany while the rest are an odd assortment of blurred war photos, portraits, family snapshots, occasional scenery and the insides of churches.

I’ll have more up soon as time allows.

Found Photography: Crown Street Cache: Part IV

In an effort to switch it up a little I dug through the big bag of negatives to find something more modern

Someone’s vacation shots from a trip out to Alice Springs/Uluru National Park back in 1984- only thing written on the negative sleeve was “REB AIR AUG ’84”

I have no leads as to the actual photographer

Film stock was Illford FP4

Found Photography: Crown Street Cache: Part III

A few more images off the negatives I picked up late last year

This hotel is still standing today in Mackay, Queensland

I had been contacted by another collector who identified the woman in many of the photos (including the image above) as Mollie Thomas; this is further substantiated by the name Thomas written on the actual cardboard negative sleeves.

I’d like to take more time to do some research on locations and people but trying to stay social, check off all the miscellaneous life errands, and keep on top of work is leaving me little time to even do any shooting of my own- the egg tray of my refrigerator is over loaded with rolls of unshot Tri-X and Neopan.

My study is getting full of stacks of old glass negatives, boxes of color slides, and rolls of black and white film that all need to be trayed, scanned and edited up- I’m hoping to get a breather sometime around mid-Feb when I can section off a clean weekend to keep things rolling.

Found Photography: Crown Street Cache: Part II

I haven’t had much time to do any homework into these shots- I tried to see if I could look up the Exchange Hotel from the first shot but the subsequent Google results were too much to sort.

For now, I’ll focus on getting some scanned and posted- research can wait till later.


Crown Street Cache: Part I

Found Photography: Crown Street Cache: Part I

I found a second hand shop was having a 30-50% off sale last weekend so I swooped in to see if I could get a deal on any old negatives they had- I ended up with a sizable bag of what I would guess is going on a few hundred spread across multiple packets.

Since the quantity is so large I’ve decided to break it down into a few separate posts, I’ve dubbed it the ‘Crown Street Cache’ since the actual store I found them at was on Crown Street in Darlinghurst.

These seem to be the most promising find yet- with the sheer amount of shots taken, there should be plenty of clues as to decade and location, I’ll see what I can manage this week for research.

Found Photography: Photo Album

Originally I was trying to stick solely to negatives but I find I end up breaking that rule once in awhile and buy something like this- since these are scans of actual prints I left the tint and discoloration in tact for dramatic effect.

Most of the shots are of a European vacation and feature what are still common place tourist destinations such as the haunted Jamacia Inn, this same shot taken today can be found on the Inn’s main website.

My guess on time period is late 40’s/early 50’s- based on the dress of the people and the cars their driving.

Found Photography: Australian Miners

Quick update with an image I was able to scan off of a glass negative acquired here in Sydney

They appear to be either miners or possibly railway worker posing in front a monument.

There is a date on it partially visible over the shoulder of the guy on the far right on the back row but I’m unable to make out the last digit, its reads either 1913 or 1918.

Found Photography: The Poole Photos

Awhile back I had found some negatives with the name Ms. Poole written on the back- I returned to the same shop over the past couple weekends and was able to dig out another four packets.

I wanted to do a little more research to see if I could identify some of these areas but I spent all my free time this weekend out at Sculptures by the Sea with the Rolleiflex. Its hard to find time to do the homework behind the shots as I never want to waste a minute of day light where I could be out working on my own portfolio.

Found Photography: Sea Breeze

Print I pulled out of a box

Did a quick Google search on Sea Breeze Hotel but came up with a ton of results, too many to sort through so that makes it photographer and location unknown

Back of the photo has it dated at January 1962

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