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Found Photography: The Lecturer Collection: Part I

I’ve dubbed this set of negatives I’ve purchased ‘The Lecturer Collection’ as the only information I had on their origin in that they once belonged to a former University of Sydney lecturer.

The photos are primarily of Germany, with a few in the set marked as American. The sum total must be somewhere between 600-800 black and white negatives of various formats. The ones shown here are only 120 or 135 as these were the only two for which I had preset holders for scanning.

Most seem to center around one older couple and what is either their child or grandchild as they vacation through Germany while the rest are an odd assortment of blurred war photos, portraits, family snapshots, occasional scenery and the insides of churches.

I’ll have more up soon as time allows.

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  1. Melissa Faulkner

    August 29, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    First photo reminds me of artists Dorota Mytych I saw at MCA a while back –

    She manipulates the people in the shot so the soldier is at one time the predator on the civilians and then they switch places so he is the protector of civilians. It is reconstructed in tea leaves that blow away from being recognisable images to speckles of nothing.

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