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Sydney Mardi Gras: Part II

I took a lot looser approach with the camera then I normally would- it yielded a few blurred shots in combination with the overcast weather but I got some decent shots on the lead up to the parade kicking off when compared to last year’s Mardi Gras haul from the same time.

All shots were HP5+ pushed to 1600 and developed in a stock Xtol solution for about 9:28-9:35 at 23C-23.3C depending on the tank.

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  1. Hey Brendon, just checked out some of your MardiGras pics – Pat is struck by the spectators looking so serious at what’s meant to be a fun event. Love the antenna headband shot! Abstract shapes in the setting is becoming more apparent in what surrounds the people you photograph. I’d swear I was looking at pics of NYC- the melting pot similarity.

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