It’s alive!


After a quick install followed by much messing around with the .php and style sheet of the Hemingway theme, I think I’ve about got it to where I want it in terms of a single column setup suitable for photography.

If anyone else is looking to do something similar and has about zero skills the best place to start is here as it at least shows you how to remove the default ‘about this entry’ and reposition things to the centre. From there you can use the firebug add on to firefox to locate the different blocks by div tag and track them down in the .css to make your more finite adjustments.

This wordpress install should afford me a some space to build larger updates and more cohesive entries than the single frames I was throwing up on my tumblelog– although I plan on using tumblrize to continue pushing these entries out to my small cadre of 93 followers and anyone else who prefers the format.

It may be about a week or so before I have any new material up on the site, but in the meantime check out the blogroll as I’ve thrown on the sites of a few other photographers I’ve run into while shooting around Sydney.