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More Street Shots – Sydney – The Rocks/Manly/CBD

Finally worked my way through the rest of the rolls from a couple weekends ago

Finished up a roll at the rocks with the Nikonos V in the rain




Spent some time out in Manly








Came back through Circular Quay






And spent the rest of the time just shooting through the CBD




















Apologies for the dust in the sky on some of the beach shots-

Should have more coming soon from the Live Meat Export Rally and a quick run through Newtown’s graveyard

Update – June 25th 2011

Just picked up a slew of rolls I had dropped off last week- while I wont have much time to get through the scanning this week, I figured I would post up some shots off one roll from the M6 and another from my Nikanos V test roll

Firstly- the M6 shots:









Since I had my 50mm back on it made a world of difference for my framing compared to the 28mm shots I was pulling with the OM2- after using that wide of an angle I tried to get back to basics and capture some single subject material towards the end

I was trying the meter-off-the-hand technique to keep it exposed for skin tones but everything seems to be about one half stop under- I’m not sure if its the meter going in my camera, some misjudging on my part or something to do with the cloudy conditions and diffused light that came with it

Now, for the Nikanos V:







The Nikanos was a little tricky to shoot with since it doesnt focus via the viewfinder- its more akin to a rangefinder that can only be focused on the lens by setting it within a given range based on aperture

The photos seem to have a fuzzy dream like quality compared to the sharpness I get out of Leica but it was fun to take out since I didnt have to worry about it getting soaked and the 35mm lens was a good change of pace

In other news, the Imaging and Entertainment Expo 2011 is going on all weekend down in Darling Harbour- I was able to catch a few hours of it this afternoon and watched fashion photographer Peter Coulson give a brief how-to on working with studio lighting at the Hasselblad booth

I’ll post up again when I manage to scan through the other 9 or so rolls kicking around

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