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Mix of the Past Couple Months

Shots off some recently developed rolls from the past couple months

Unfortunately I never seem to shoot the same film stock consistently with the same camera so I never end up developing everything on a regular basis- I’d like to start ensuring I have everything I shoot in a given month developed by the time that month ends but we’ll see how it goes

Australia Day and More Rolleiflex

I had been trucking out the Rolleiflex on the lead up to the New Year- I took yesterday to get into the darkroom and develop up my first roll of Acros 100


I think something went wrong with my Rolleiflex during this frame- it did some naturally vignetting and when I cut out the frame from the area the scanner covered it didnt appear to be the same size as my others

I’ve been carrying around my Nikanos V on account of all the rain, the following are a mix mostly composed of Australia Day

I had taken a photo of the same dog on a roll of Astia 2 months ago

Up till now I had only been running color film through the Rolleiflex but seeing the results of the Neopan really affirms my preference for black and white

Depending on when I can get into the darkroom next I should have more on the way; I’ve been lax on the shooting on account of work stress- this past Friday was the first day I was able to get out and into a decent flow.

Not making time for the darkroom plays a part too- the longer I go without developing my film and seeing the results the less interested I am in continuing to shoot leading to my having less exposed film to develop and less reason to take an evening or afternoon to stand around measuring out developer and turning a tank upside down for 3 or 4 hours.

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