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Found Photography: Crown Street Cache: Part I

I found a second hand shop was having a 30-50% off sale last weekend so I swooped in to see if I could get a deal on any old negatives they had- I ended up with a sizable bag of what I would guess is going on a few hundred spread across multiple packets.

Since the quantity is so large I’ve decided to break it down into a few separate posts, I’ve dubbed it the ‘Crown Street Cache’ since the actual store I found them at was on Crown Street in Darlinghurst.

These seem to be the most promising find yet- with the sheer amount of shots taken, there should be plenty of clues as to decade and location, I’ll see what I can manage this week for research.

Rolleiflex By The Sea

I went out to Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi and brought along an old Rolleiflex TLR that I had picked up about 8 months ago off a Canadian camera collector- I ran a couple rolls of Velvia 50 medium format through it just to get a feel for the handling.

The focus is much slower, the camera bulkier, the view finder is backwards (i.e. left is right) and the metering not as exact- even the square framing is a change- not to mention the 80mm focal length which feels telescopic compared to my usual wide angle lens.

When I switched from digital to film, I found that it forced me to think and plan ahead more in getting ready for a shot since I could no longer rely on auto-focus or a rapid fire shutter release- I’m willing to bet if I spent more time with the Rolleiflex I would find a similar gain in that it brings a new mode of working.

More Street Shots – Sydney – The Rocks/Manly/CBD

Finally worked my way through the rest of the rolls from a couple weekends ago

Finished up a roll at the rocks with the Nikonos V in the rain




Spent some time out in Manly








Came back through Circular Quay






And spent the rest of the time just shooting through the CBD




















Apologies for the dust in the sky on some of the beach shots-

Should have more coming soon from the Live Meat Export Rally and a quick run through Newtown’s graveyard

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