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Found Photography: Asia in Black and White: Part II

I cut the remaining two frames out of the negative strip and placed in the thickest book I could fine (a yet to be read copy of “The Pale King”) for a day to see if I could manage to flatten out the bends with no real effect.


But, I was able to fit them into a scanning holder flat enough to get an alright scan- these shots are arnt as interesting in composition as the previous two but might offer a little in terms of insight into context.

It turns out that these are likely Hmong people– possibly from Lao, Yunnan or Vietnam. I’m hoping that by posting these last few frames some more clues will emerge that might confirm their location and if they were wartime photos of people on the move.

Special thanks to Dr. Neil Maclean, Linda Connor, Holly High and the rest of the Sydney University Department of Anthropology for their help in identifying the people, place and time.

Found Photography: Asia in Black and White

I recently stumbled across a crumpled up roll of medium format film at a second hand shop in Sydney; after holding it up to the light it looked like some fairly old images from somewhere in Asia- my guess is China but really have no idea.

The film stock was Ilford FP4 Fine Grain so that would place the shots between the years of 1968-1990 according to my brief wikipedia search.



The negatives were a bit scratched and since they were folded many times over, these were the only two frames I could cut out of the strip that didnt have a bend through them. Most of the other frames dont appear to contain much of interest, mostly just shots of a twin prop plane flying through the air- there’s one more of the woman with child but its pretty beat, I’m going to see if I can get it clean up and scanned in over the coming weeks.

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