I’ve been thinking about buying a wider lens for my M6 than the Summicron 50 I currently use, so in an effort to try some different focal lengths I spent the last half of May playing around with an Olympus OM2N and a 28mm 3.5 Zuiko

I shot a few street performers and buskers around Pitt Street Mall




Took a few animal shots- mostly around Newtown and Glebe






Most of the street came out with a lot of dead space, I wasnt accustomed to using something this wide and my instinctive framing was use to the tighter 50mm leaving me with some awkward shots in the end







And finally a few nature shots



I even slapped on a Quick Auto 310 flash I picked up at Smile Please down on King Street

Most of the frames were blown out since I had no idea what was doing with it but by the end I was getting a little better- I set the distance in meters and passed it to my girlfriend who took a quick shot of me over a few drinks at the Green Room

I feel like I would need a few months solid of shooting 28mm to feel comfortable with it- I spent the Queen’s Birthday weekend out in the rain shooting with a Nikanos V I bought explicitly for the Sydney winter, its 35mm felt about right for my street shots so I’ll see how those came out in the coming weeks